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Spinal Cord Stimulation

At Consultants in Pain Medicine, we specialize in offering spinal cord stimulation to help treat chronic pain conditions such as complex regional pain syndrome and severe low back pain or leg pain, often after failed back surgeries. This type of treatment uses an electrical current to disrupt the nerve impulses in the spinal cord that result in a feeling of pain.

Most patients who undergo spinal cord stimulation report a significant decrease in their amount of pain and are able to return to their regular activities. Many patients are also able to end or decrease their use of pain medications following the surgery.

Trial Stimulator

Before performing spinal cord stimulation, your physician will first conduct a trial spinal cord stimulation to see how you respond. During the trial, a temporary electrode will be inserted through your skin. This electrode is attached to a stimulator that you can control to disrupt the nerve impulses.

Permanent Implant

If the trial is successful, your doctor will permanently implant a stimulator under your skin during an outpatient surgery. Once your doctor determines the pulse strength of the stimulator that will work best for your pain, you will be shown how to use the stimulator at home. We usually recommend that you use the stimulator three to four times a day for one to two hours each time. The stimulation is not painful, but does result in a tingly feeling.

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