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Pain Injections

At Consultants in Pain Medicine in Southeast Georgia, we often recommend medication injections as a highly effective, non-surgical way to provide relief for muscle, joint, nerve, and radiating pain.

Our highly trained, board-certified pain specialists inject pain medicine near or directly to the source of your pain, providing rapid pain reduction that can last for up to a year. If you experience pain again in the future, our doctors can continue to administer these injections, which are very safe and have an extremely low risk of any complications.  Many of these injections are performed in an out patient setting at Coastal Pain Center (State of Georgia License # 063-355). 

Consultants in Pain Medicine offers the following types of injections and nerve blocks:

We often recommend a rehabilitation program following a pain injection, such as physical therapy, to provide longer-lasting pain relief. Pain injections usually relieve the pain to a high enough degree that you will be able to participate in exercises and activities that were not possible before the injections.

For more information on the injections we offer to help relieve your pain you can directly contact the most convenient location for you in Brunswick, Vidalia, Waycross, or St. Mary’s, Georgia.

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